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Laughing in the Shadows - Resting in the Shade

Celebrating the Gift of Laughter

Laughter is one of the best ways Christians can testify to a hurting world about the hope we have in Jesus. Laughter is tangible evidence, proving that regardless of our circumstances, we can sing with the angels, Joy to the world! The Lord has come! Peppered with jokes and funny stories, Janie engages the audience in laughter — celebrating the gift of laughter — all the while weaving into the fun the powerful message that God is in control. Janie encourages us, in times of trouble, to stay in the Word, stay focused on Jesus, and keep a song in your heart, with praise and laughter in your mouth.


Joy: It's More Than A Detergent!

Learning to Trust Jesus
The only kind of joy some Christians have is in a plastic bottle under their kitchen sink!  Joy is more than a detergent.  In this funny and uplifting presentation, Janie explains the difference between happiness and joy, and argues that true joy can only be found by Trusting Jesus. With great humor and keen insight, Janie explores the scriptures to determine what trust is, how to trust when we don't understand, and the joy that will automatically flood our lives when we learn how to trust.

The Garbage Truck Comes On Tuesdays And Fridays

Neutralizing Negatives
Garbage builds up, stinks, and rots!  Just as we need to rid our homes of physical garbage weekly, Christians need to regularly rid our minds and hearts of mental and emotional garbage.  In The Garbage Truck Comes On Tuesdays and Fridays, Janie offers her handy six-pack of biblical solutions that teach how to keep our hearts and mind clean — becoming fit vessels for God's use, instead of allowing them to be filled with complaints, hurts, and judgments.  That six-pack  includes taking negative thoughts captive, practicing the Golden Rule, maintaining self-esteem, exercising a merry heart, assuming responsibility for feelings, and talking and acting in faith.  This hilarious and down-to-earth presentation is a proven crowd pleaser!

Blow A Bubble, Not A Gasket

A workshop in stress management
Experts agree that somewhere between 75% and 90% of all doctor's office visits are stress related.  Those percentages include Christian people, too.  In a light and humorous way, this presentation gives the Bible's suggestions for stress management.

Service With A Smile!

In Service With A Smile, Janie encourages Christians to follow in the Master's steps to go about doing good for other people & to have a servant's heart & and serve cheerfully.  Though often funny with guaranteed laughter, the content gives multiple examples of how we can make new members in our church feel like family and new families in the neighborhood feel welcomed.  It encourages people to be Jesus' hands, feet, and voice to a hurting world, all with little expense, and sometimes never leaving home.

There's Gold In That Fish's Mouth

Ecclesiastes 7:13 instructs us to Notice the way God does things; then fall into line. (NLT)  God spoke the world into existence.  In this insightful teaching, Janie encourages Christians to start speaking our worlds into existence, as well.  Just as Peter, at Jesus' instruction, found gold in a fish's mouth to pay temple taxes, we, too, can find power to solve our problems right under our noses. Punctuated with funny stories and lots of laughs, this presentation challenges listeners to speak to mountains and confess God's Word.

The Lighten Up Challenge

Driving home late one night, Janie heard God say to her, You've done everything I've ever asked you to do, but lose weight. That prompting from the Holy Spirit sent her on a quest to lose twenty pounds.  Saying no to food is the hardest thing Janie has ever tried to do. However, in this ongoing process she has learned,if you walk in the Spirit, you won't fulfill the lusts of the flesh. (Galatians 5:16) Excellent as a keynote — fabulous as a workshop — always delivered with Janie's light and humorous touch — The Lighten Up Challenge will teach how to walk in the Spirit and keep our bodies fit for God's service. Participants will be challenged to tithe 10% of their weight to God.