Keynote and Training Topics

  Title Program Highlights

Blow A Bubble, Not A Gasket!

Stress Management Techniques That Really Work!
  • Learn basic stress "factoids"
  • Identify 10 personal qualities that control stress
  • Explore 10 stress management techniques that you can use today
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    Humor For Life!

    The Importance of Humor in the Workplace

  • What is a sense of humor and why do we need to be reminded to use it?
  • What are the physical, mental, emotional and job-oriented benefits of humor?
  • What are some practical ways to add humor to our lives?
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    The Garbage Truck Comes On Tuesdays and Fridays!

    Neutralizing Negatives — Remaining Positive While Experiencing Negatives
  • Definition of a negative
  • Six things we can do to neutralize negatives
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    Normal Is Gone and It Won't Be Back!

    Coping With and Embracing Change
  • Trends of change in the workplace
  • Embracing change enthusiastically
  • Refuting the "I quit" mentality
  • Motivational strategies
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    You Said WHAT %$*!#@@ ?

    Communicating Effectively: Listening and Speaking, In That Order!
  • Five major barriers to effective listening
  • How to listen for motives and feelings, not just information
  • Five powerful phrases that motivate people
  • Importance of body language and tone of voice
  • Methods that avoid "no" as a response
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    “T” Is For Teacher! (And Talk, Take, and Tired!)

    A motivational presentation that celebrates teachers and the teaching profession!
  • The difference between a good teacher and a great teacher
  • Establish a vision for your students and yourself
  • Take Five is critical if teachers are to manage stress and go the distance
  • Simple techniques can rejuvenate the tired body and mind
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    God, Bless ‘Em, Change ‘Em, or TAKE ‘EM!

    Strategies for Dealing with Difficult People
  • Basic observations about difficult people
  • Dealing with difficult people requires me FIRST to deal with my own anger
  • Tactics for short-term and long-term relationships
  • How to prevent trouble when confronting difficult people
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    “It's Been A Pleasure Doing Business With You!”

    Customer Service “Redefined” / Salesmanship Skills
  • What do we already know about customers?
  • How do we perfect the customer "moments of contact?"
  • What are the 7 systems needed for service?
  • How can we think like a customer?
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    The Little Engine Did, And So Can You!!!

    The Incredible Power Of Optimism To Energize Life And Propel An Organization Forward!
  • The benefits of being an optimist
  • Twelve characteristics of an optimist
  • Six handy attitude adjusters
  • How to become an optimist
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    To Boldly Go Where No Man Has Ever Gone Before

    Leadership Skills for the 21st Century!
  • Problems leaders will face: coping with change, negative attitudes
  • Tools leaders must use: listening skills, the motivating power of praise, humor skills
  • Qualities leaders will need: vision, decision-making skills, people power, building and directing teams, motivation skills
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    A New Day Or Just Another One?

    Living Your Dreams; Goal-setting; Time Management
  • Why is having a dream so important?
  • How do dreams translate into goals?
  • What are the 7 steps to goal-setting?
  • What are 10 anti-procrastination techniques I can use?
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    Teamwork: United We Stand, Divided We Need Excedrin!

  • What are the leading causes of team failure?
  • What should the ideal workplace be like?
  • What is the glue that binds teams together?
  • What does your Personality Inventory reveal about you?
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    Put Your Best Foot Forward … Your Body Will Follow!

    Secrets for having Fulfilling Careers; Successfully Planning, Directing, and Managing Your Career

    Sock It To Me, Socrates: Know Thyself and Other Treasured Wisdom

    Balancing Your Personal Life with your Career and Family Lives
  • Work can increase the length of our days
  • Even unpleasant work can keep us sane!
  • Play produces laughter, and laughter reduces stress
  • Love is the greatest power on earth
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    Don’t Throw A Fit! Fitly Speak!

    Assertiveness training; Communicate confidently with all types of people!
  • Difference between assertive, aggressive and passive
  • Barriers to assertiveness
  • Assertiveness communication skills
  • Assertiveness life skills
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    Mentoring: Marching To The Beat Of A Good Drummer!

    Forming relationships that help maximize productivity, reduce burnout & assimilate new employees quickly
  • How is a mentor different from a coach or teacher?
  • What should a mentor know about people before beginning?
  • What is the mentoring process?
  • How do mentors create an environment for growth?
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    Three Cheers for Us

    Building Self-Esteem in Ourselves and Others
  • What is self-esteem?
  • Why is good self-esteem important?
  • What causes poor self-esteem?
  • What can we do to develop good self-esteem in ourselves and others?
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    Sharpening Mighty Pens!

    Learn to Construct Sentences, Paragraphs, and Articles with the Precision of Pros!

    Effective Public Speaking: Even If Your Knees Are Knocking

  • Content: Identifying audience needs ... speaking from personal experience ... keeping it simple
  • Organization: Catching the attention ... developing the basic "three" ... ending with a bang
  • Delivery: Conquering stage fright ... speaking to be heard ... gesturing with ease
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    Kudzu or Kudos?

    The Motivating Power of Praise
  • Research and statistics about praise
  • Guidelines for using praise
  • Ideas for incorporating praise